Pet Insurance

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When looking at insurance for your pet, there are a number of important things to consider.  These things should be taken into consideration not only in deciding whether to purchase insurance, but also which company from which to purchase.

First off, does the company allow you to use any veterinarian?  Most do, but some may not.
Secondly, what does the policy specifically cover? (wellness visits, emergency care, dental, cancer)
Are there any exclusions? (congenital, hereditary, or pre-existing conditions)
How much do the various packages cost?
Are add-ons available, and if so, for how much?
Are multiple pet discounts available?
How much is the deductible?
How much of the total bill is covered?
What are the per incident, per year, and per pet limits?
How long until you are reimbursed?
Can the insurance company terminate a policy at-will?
Finally, how long has the insurance company been in business?